Building the Perfect Roadside Emergency Kit

Here are some of the essentials you'll want to have loaded in your very own roadside emergency kit.

  • Make a small box with emergency tools. Things like a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, pliers, and socket set, can be especially helpful if you need to make a quick repair.
  • Always keep flashlights and batteries in the kit, you never know when you might be stuck with a disabled car in the middle of the night.
  • Road flares and triangles are important for keeping other drivers alert to your car being stuck on the side of the road.
  • Jumper cables are helpful for when another motorist pulls over to offer assistance when your car battery is dead.
  • Keep a gallon of engine coolant in the trunk, and pack a few quarts of motor oil too.

Our service team at at Lithia Volkswagen of Reno hope this roadside emergency kit guide keeps you and your passengers safe this year.

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