The Volkswagen Jetta: Technology to Assist the Driver

The Jetta has been a mainstay of the Volkswagen lineup of vehicles for a number of years. This compact sedan is well-known as a reliable vehicle that gets you to your destination in a trouble-free manner. The Jetta is designed with a number of important technology features that help you as you are driving the vehicle.

The Volkswagen Jetta offers adaptive cruise control. This system allows you to set the cruising speed you desire. If traffic is in the way, the system will automatically slow the Jetta. When traffic clears out, your pre-set speed will resume. The Jetta also offers light assist. Light assist monitors the traffic conditions. When it is safe to turn on the bright lights, they come on automatically. The lights will dim again if necessary.

These are just two of the driver assist technologies on the Volkswagen Jetta. Come for a test drive at Lithia Volkswagen of Reno in Reno, NV to learn about the Jetta.

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