During the spring and summer months, the weather is often warmer along with the possibility of a few thunderstorms. When you get your car ready for spring, examine your windshield wipers to make sure they aren't damaged. You can also check your windshield at this time for any cracks or chips.

Wash and wax your car in the spring to remove salt and debris from the bottom of your vehicle and from other areas. If these substances linger, they can begin to erode the paint and cause rusting to occur. Lithia Volkswagen of Reno can thoroughly wash your vehicle and apply a protectant for your paint.

Make sure you check all of the fluids in your car as well. You don't want to drive in Reno, NV and risk not having the proper amount of oil or enough coolant in your vehicle as this could result in your vehicle overheating. Try to have extra fluids on hand as well while traveling in the event of an emergency.

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