Your vehicle has a cooling system that plays a vital role in helping your vehicle run smoothly when you're out and about in Reno, NV. Cooling systems have five components that are the radiator, radiator cap, radiator hoses, thermostat, and water pump.

Each part of the cooling system should be in good condition to prevent your vehicle from becoming too hot, and it's also important to have your radiator flushed on a regular basis. Your radiator circulates antifreeze through hoses that are durable and can withstand extremely high temperatures. Read through your owner's manual to find out how often you should have your radiator flushed.

There are signs to look for that can let you know your cooling system needs to be inspected. When there's a puddle of coolant under your car after it's been sitting, then get it looked at as soon as possible. You should also get your cooling system inspected if the engine overheats soon after you start the vehicle.

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