We encourage do-it-yourself car maintenance at Lithia Volkswagen of Reno. Cleaning your engine may improve your vehicle's longevity. A clean engine could also enhance your auto's resale value in Reno, NV. Of course, you must do the job correctly, and our advice can help.

Preferably, you'll clean your engine on a sunny, dry day. Temperate weather makes the work easier, and it lets your engine dry faster. Also, never clean a hot engine. You could crack your engine block.

Remove all plastic components, and place them on the ground for separate cleaning. Cover all exposed electronics with plastic bags. Disconnect your battery's negative terminal, too. Feel free to use a household degreaser or one designed specifically for engines. For the environment's benefit, choose a green product. Thoroughly spray your engine with the liquid. If substantial dirt is caked anywhere, scrub it with a synthetic brush. Rinse thoroughly. If you periodically clean your engine, the job becomes easier.

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