How to Recognize When Your Ignition Needs Serviced

The ignition of your vehicle, although small, is an integral part of your vehicle. If it isn't functioning properly, then your car will not start and your vehicle is going nowhere fast. That is why our group here at Lithia Volkswagen of Reno in Reno, NV wan to ensure that you can recognize some of the most common warning signs of a failing ignition.

Should You Drive on A Donut Tire?

Changing a tire can be difficult. What's even more difficult is knowing the differences between the different types of spare tires you may come across. This is why we here at Lithia Volkswagen of Reno in Reno, NV want to be sure that you as a car owner know the basics about spare tires.

The two types of spare tires you will likely find in the trunk of your car are full-size spare tires and compact temporary spare tires. 


Dashboard Warning Lights Should Always Be Inspected

The dashboard of any vehicle can cause a driver some stress when warning lights appear to provide details of a malfunction within the engine of vehicle computer system. Here at Lithia Volkswagen of Reno, we want our customers in Reno to stay on the road with as little stress as possible by bringing vehicles to our team of technicians to have dashboard warning indicators assessed by our team of experienced and professional technicians.


Road Trips: This Is How to Prepare

If you are looking forward to a road trip in the near future, then Lithia Volkswagen of Reno's team strongly recommends that you do the following things before you leave Reno and hit the road.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure that your vehicle's maintenance and repair needs are met. Bring your car in to be inspected before you go.


Does My Car Need Synthetic Oil?

"Would you like synthetic oil or conventional oil?" Most car owners are faced with that choice each time they take their vehicle in for an oil change. However, many consumers don't know what synthetic oil is or if their car needs it. The Lithia Volkswagen of Reno service team can help.

Synthetic oil is an artificial engine lubricant created with chemical compounds. It is designed to provide better lubrication and superior engine protection when compared to conventional, or natural, oil. 


How to Read the Letters and Numbers on a Tire

Tires play an important role in getting you safely to your destination. There is a group of abbreviations on the side of your tire that explain critical information about the right fit for your vehicle. A little explanation will help guide you.

The first letter indicates the type of vehicle, so a "P" represents a passenger car. The next set of three numbers is the tire’s width in mm. A tire that’s 225 (mm) is approximately 8.86 inches. After the slash is a two-digit number, which represents the aspect ratio. 


Consider a Pre-Road Trip Checklist

With holiday travels in the future for countless families in the local Reno area, it’s important to consider the benefits of having a pre-road trip checklist. With one, you are prepared for any emergencies, and the trip is more enjoyable. Below are a few tips to get you started with creating your own:

Follow these tips to ensure a great road trip. We wish you safe and enjoyable travels from Lithia Volkswagen of Reno…

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Why Lithia Volkswagen of Reno is the Only Choice for Repair and Auto Parts

Bring your vehicle to Lithia Volkswagen of Reno when you need parts or servicing, and you get more than just your vehicle back in short order. These are a few of the reasons your neighbors are all making use of the local dealership for parts.

Each technician that works at the dealership has access to most up to date details on your car and only sell OEM approved parts for your vehicle. If you would like to stay at the dealership and let the team install those new OEM parts for you, feel free to enjoy our spacious waiting room…

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