Enjoy Your Ride in the Volkswagen Atlas

Whether you’re driving through Reno on your daily commute or exploring the country on a family road trip, the Volkswagen Atlas can keep your entire family entertained. This popular mid-sized SUV is available with a robust infotainment center and premium audio system at Lithia Volkswagen of Reno.

The infotainment center has a 6.5-inch touchscreen display. 


Dominate the Highway in the 2018 Volkswagen Golf

In the 2018 Volkswagen Golf, you can drive on the highway with confidence. This popular compact car is available with many features that can enhance the driving experience.

One unique feature you can get is the Adaptive Cruise Control. It's similar to traditional systems but is designed to follow the flow of traffic. 


What Makes the Volkswagen Atlas a Safe Vehicle?

The Volkswagen Atlas is a popular midsize family SUV with a bold design and helpful features like the easy open power liftgate that opens the hatch when you kick your foot under the bumper. It's equipped with numerous safety features as well, such as a sturdy safety cage and automatic post-collision braking system.

The SUV's safety cage helps protect passengers in the event of a crash. 


Iconic Volkswagen Beetle Delighting Drivers Everywhere

Despite its compact design, the 2018 Volkswagen Beetle boasts an impressive amount of safety features. This popular compact car has been delighting drivers for decades all while adhering to the highest safety standards. The patented Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS) works to automatically unlock the doors, activate the hazard lights, and turn off the fuel pump if the Beetle is involved in a collision. 


Front Assist in the 2018 Volkswagen Golf

The 2018 Volkswagen Golf is capable of keeping you alert and safe no matter where your adventures take you. It's available with a robust sensor system called Front Assist.

The main goal of Front Assist is to detect potential collisions that may occur from the front. Sensors monitor the traffic ahead of you and provide alerts accordingly. If you don't respond, the car may apply the brakes automatically to avoid an accident. 


Don't Let Glare Get in Your Way While Driving

Driving into the sunset or sunrise can make seeing difficult. Sometimes there isn't much you can do about the weather or what direction you're driving during the early morning or evening hours, but you can make sure that you're prepared.

Always have polarized sunglasses in your vehicle. The visor is a great place to keep them, and if you put them there, you're also more likely to remember to use the visor. 


Deciding to Buy a Hatchback

We want you to be well informed regarding the vehicles that are out there and the way that each one will work out for you. It is important for you to know the benefits of purchasing and driving a hatchback.

If you are someone who needs a lot of cargo space in your vehicle for one reason or another, you might choose to drive a hatchback for that reason. 


Safety Features of the Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen's Jetta is a popular four-door sedan that combines smooth handling with a range of innovative safety features. This year's model strikes a balance between sleek design and integration of collision avoidance systems.

The Jetta's Intelligent Crash Response System springs into action during the event of a collision, terminating systems like the fuel pump while simultaneously opening door locks and turning on the hazard lights to alert other drivers. 

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