The Volkswagen Arteon Has The Performance Features You Want

The Volkswagen Arteon is an all-new sedan that is loaded with a number of outstanding features both inside and out. The Arteon has an aerodynamic design that gives it a sporty look. When it comes to performance, the Volkswagen Arteon gives you great acceleration and stable cornering.


Ways To Avoid Hydroplaning

When it is raining outside and the roads are wet, it can be a dangerous time to be driving your vehicle. Cars and trucks can hydroplane on wet surfaces causing them to go out of control and get in an accident. In order to avoid hydroplaning, it is important to follow some important safety tips.


The Importance of Regular Vehicle Air Filter Replacement

Just like you need to be able to breathe to survive and thrive, your car needs to breathe to operate correctly, as well. To keep your vehicle running in peak condition, then, it's essential that you service and maintain your vehicle's air filters regularly.


Explore the New Volkswagen Passat Today

Whether you prefer driving a mid-size sedan for comfort, convenience or affordability, you’re sure to love the new Volkswagen Passat. This popular vehicle model can be found here at Lithia Volkswagen of Reno in Reno, NV, and our knowledgeable team is ready to set up a test drive for you right away.


Interior Features on the Iconic Volkswagen Beetle

Very few vehicles have such an iconic exterior design as the Volkswagen Beetle, and Volkswagen is creating one more round of this model with its well-known shape. At Lithia Volkswagen of Reno in Reno, NV, we love showing our customers the newest vehicles, and we want to tell you more about the design features on the latest Beetle.


How The Tires Work For Your Fuel

Vehicles can cost a lot of money when it comes to fuel. Therefore, certain tires have to be considered from the perspective of fuel economy. All-season tires and summer tires are actually different when it comes to the fuel economy of the vehicle. One of them is better for saving money in this case.


Why Crossovers Make a Great Choice

Crossovers are quickly becoming one of the most popular vehicle choices because of all the versatility they offer. Enjoy many of the same benefits of driving a larger SUV while not breaking the bank at the pump.

In addition to being more fuel efficient than a traditional SUV, a crossover also comes with more customizable options. 


What You Need to Know About Android Auto

More and more vehicles at Lithia Volkswagen of Reno are Android Auto compatible. This is your chance to have more in-vehicle technology in Reno, NV. It’s no surprise that this feature is so popular, allowing you to make hands-free calls while also controlling music, directions, and other apps.


The Difference Between All-Weather Floor Mats and Carpet

Plush car mats can match your vehicle's color scheme and give a finished look to the interior. Your lifestyle may make carpet mats more work than they're worth, so taking stock of how you use your vehicle will be a good way to determine the best mats for you.


Discover the Innovation of the Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen understands that you want your SUV to have the latest and greatest in vehicle technological innovation. That is why the new Atlas is designed with the goal of delivering the latest in technology features. The Atlas experts at Lithia Volkswagen of Reno in Reno, NV are eager to show you all that the Atlas can do with the help of its wide array of technology features.



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